Our Mission

The Worldview Project’s educational mission is to promote greater cross-cultural awareness, understanding and engagement.

We accomplish our mission through the publication of The San Diego Participant Observer online magazine, the producing of events such as the Harmony & Motion International Music and Dance Festival and the Harmony in Action Cross-cultural Non Profits Fair and through collaborations with other organizations.

Our organization’s greatest achievements and involvement are currently within our San Diego community, but we strive to have an impact on local, regional and national levels.

Why It’s Important

As the world is becoming more socially, politically, and economically interdependent we are facing a greater need for understanding the world’s cultures.

Since American society is rapidly becoming more diverse, improved relations between various cultural groups within our communities and with groups from different cultures and countries largely depends on a better understanding of cultural differences.

America’s finest city, for example, is a mosaic of multiple minorities. San Diego was originally home to the Kumeyaay Indians and the county includes eighteen Native American tribal reservations, which is more than any other county in the nation. According to the 2010 US Census more than 28 percent of the population is Hispanic or Latino and more than 15 percent is Asian. Over 25 percent of San Diego’s population is foreign born. The San Diego Association of Governments projects Hispanics or Latinos will become the majority comprising 1/3 of San Diegans by 2020.

A greater understanding of cultures is important to all levels of human interaction, from the level of international politics and commerce to the social interactions found within cities, neighborhoods, workplaces and classrooms.

And this is where our work starts . . .