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What People Are Saying . .

This is an amazing place with great work culture, helpful and kind people. I have made lots of friends here. It’s great to see that everyone shares his/her stories from native country. Amazing place for networking. I got to learn lots of new things. All your efforts are much appreciated here. I highly recommend this.

Shweta D., Former WVP volunteer

What a great event [Harmony in Action] on Saturday! I learned a lot about organizations similar to CIEE, and began some conversations that may lead to partnering in the future.

John C., CIEE

WVP is an exceptional organization…it is a great place to meet people form diverse backgrounds, learn about different cultures, as well as apply and share your skills and experiences. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at WVP and established long-lasting friendships.

Neha V., former WVP volunteer

This is the best looking, most useful and informative email format I’ve ever seen. How do you do it?

Kelci C., San Diego Participant Observer reader

The Worldview Project is a great organization for someone that wants to learn new skills and meet people of diverse cultures and backgrounds. The volunteers are passionate, fun loving, foodies with great stories to share. The office is a place to gain new insights and perspectives on various issues affecting the local San Diego community. Whatever your passions and interests may be, let The WVP help to foster your talents.

Sherry S., Former WVP volunteer

Thank you for your hard work of promoting appreciation of other cultures.

Angie K., Former WVP volunteer

The Worldview Project makes it easy to have access to multicultural information.

Gabi M., Former WVP volunteer

Just a note to tell you again how much I look forward to, and enjoy the Participant Observer each week! It’s a most fabulous resource. And connecting me with the new book club was a great extra bonus! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your efforts! I’ve passed this newletter on to a heap of friends who have shown interest.

Davida H., Participant Observer Reader

Big thanks from Kids for Peace for organizing and hosting the Harmony In Action Fair on Saturday. Toni and I had a wonderful time connecting with fellow not-for-profits, learning about their missions and programs, and sharing the activities of Kids for Peace. We came away with a list of contacts and new friends with whom we’re looking forward to exploring partnerships for peace and kindness.

Katrina C., Kids for Peace

As always, we found the event [Harmony in Action] very stimulating and it was encouraging for us to meet new people eager to work with us in the future.

Bridget M.—Women's International Center

I love your newsletter, and have forwarded it to many of my friends. I placed a link to it in my last newsletter blast. What a treasure trove of information.

Kitty M., San Diego Participant Observer reader

It was a pleasure seeing you again on Saturday! Your event has always a wonderful vibe, and we are always honored and happy to be part of it!

Diana A., San Diego Italian Film Festival

…thoroughly enjoyed the inclusion of dance along with the live music, and the explanation that went along with it.

Bob F., Harmony and Motion Festival Attendee